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Introducing Our Guides...
  Steve B. Walser is an accomplished guide, instructor, fly tier, outfitter, conservationist, writer, photographer and lecturer. He became a guide at the age of 15 and just before his 18th birthday he opened his first guide service and fly shop. Since that time, Steve has owned and operated the most successful guide service in the Yosemite National Park region, has been the executive director of a non-profit organization that built and protected Salmon and Steelhead habitat, traveled the world as a guide, outfitter, photographer and has consistently spent the last 20 years of his life guiding 200 days plus a year.

  Now in his thirties, Steve has found his home in the Rogue Valley chasing salmon and steelhead and sharing the rivers of our area with his extensive cliental. Steve has been fishing and arranging trips to Southern Oregon for 15 years and loves nothing more than introducing his friends to the addictive world of fly fishing for steelhead.
  Dave Teitzel has spent the majority of his life in the pursuit of a professional fly fishing career. That pursuit has taken him to Yellowstone, Bristol Bay Alaska and he has been a Rogue River guide for the past 14 years. His knowledge of our area rivers is second to no one with just an obscene number of days spent fishing for the salmon and steelhead, which inhabit those waters. He is one of the most inventive steelhead fly tiers out there and always has something special coming out of his fly box to get the fish to open up, when they go into "tight lip" mode.

  Dave's good nature and natural ability to put his clients at ease and into big fish, has made him one of the most sought after Rogue River guides ever. He is a steelhead fly fishing mentor to many serious guides and anglers in the Rogue Valley and we are very happy to have him as part of the team!

 Nick Anderson has been a guide in Northern Ca. for a number of years and has been leading hosted outings to the Rogue for the past 8 years. We have been truly amazed at Nick's ability as an angler and guide as he continues to impress. In a very short time he has become one of the very best guides out there. Nick has a great feel for the water and an uncanny gift to find some of the biggest trophy steelhead we have seen landed over the past few seasons.
  Nick is a graduate of Fresno State with a degree in business finance, co-owns and operates a successful construction company and has been a representative for large construction supply company. His true passion however is being out on our rivers in every conceivable condition he could find himself fishing and finding large steelhead for his clients every time.
Jeff Willson’s life has truly come full circle... A true entrepreneur, Jeff has spent the last 20 plus years traveling the world as a fashion photographer and has run a successful outdoor and nature photography business. Recently Jeff has opened a gluten-free bakery in the Rogue Valley and is now pursuing his lifetime dream to become a fly fishing guide.

  Having fished the Rogue River his entire life, Jeff has a great ability to fish in all conditions. Along with his extensive knowledge of the river and its fish, Jeff creates an atmosphere of education and exploration of the surrounding environment that always guarantees a great experience for everyone.
 Kameron B. Walser has literally spent his entire life fishing with his father and the other guides he has lived around. From the age of three when he baited his own hook at a small trout pond in Northern California, he has been hooked. Kam has spent more time on the water in his 12 years than most anglers spend in a lifetime and has a focus on fishing rarely seen in adults. His enthusiasm for every cast thrown is infectious to be around, not only keeping up with some of the very best fisherman in the business, he frequently out fishes all of them. On his 10th birthday, Kam's hard work and effort paid off... He landed the 33 inch 13 pound buck on the Rogue river, which is featured on the Home page of this website.

  Never missing a chance to be on the river or a single strike on a client’s rod, Kam has begun accompanying the guides on the river when they have single clients as the "Co-Guide". He is trusted to net some of the biggest steelhead our clients have hooked and his presence on the boat is being requested more and more by our clients. "Kam was recently gifted a new pontoon boat and has been hard at work learning to row"... The rest of us and the fish are in a whole lot of trouble!" 
 Dave "Papa Bear" Anderson Anderson is always willing to lend a hand at our Steelhead Camps and Hosted Outings around the Country. Dave has been a serious angler for 50 years having fished for steelhead from Northern Idaho, down to Central California. His willingness to share his "old school" knowledge of fishing and virtually every other aspect of life is something that we all cherish and appreciate.
  Dave recently went back to his roots leading a hosted trip to the Clearwater River in Idaho where he cut his teeth as a serious steelhead angler. Hooking more than three times more fish than anyone else in the group, Dave showed us all that we still had a few things to learn about this sport.
 Jeff Drew is the most promising "guide in training" we have ever worked with. With a background in small stream, and saltwater fishing, Jeff is one of the most tenacious anglers you will ever meet. He began his serious steelheading career three seasons ago and has already among one of the best anglers on the river.

  Jeff's ability to absorb and learn from everyone he fishes with is unmatched and the time he is taking before he begins guiding clients is something all prospective guides could learn from. Jeff is one of the most "fishy" people I have ever met and will become a very sought after guide once he begins his career.

 "I feel so very blessed being able to guide with the very best friends I have ever had. Our clients can really feel that we are a family and see us all working together to provide the best experince possible. I can't wait for many new friends to experince this special place and the amazing people I am working with"... Steve B.Walser

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